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W. Paxton and Co. Ltd., London

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'Tis The Last Rose of Summer Thomas Moore, 
A Japanese Ride - Piano Duet Theo Bonheur, 
A Japanese Ride - Piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Son of the Desert - Song - Key of E Flat John P. Wilson, Walter A. Phillips, 
Allegro in A - Finale from Concerto No.2, Second Set - Paxtons Edition No. 57341 Handel, Arranged by R. Walker Robson, Edited by J. A. Meale, 
Ave Maria - The Famous Song Featured and Recorded by Deanna Durbin Schubert, arranged by Walter Scott, 
Barcelona Tango - For Piano Solo Camile Resta, 
Barney O Hea - Song Samuel Lover, 
Barracuda March Clive Richardson & Tony Lowry, 
Beautiful Dreamer - Song Stephen C Foster, 
Beautiful Dreamer - Song in the key of E flat major Stephen C Foster, 
Black Eyes (Russian Gypsy song), arranged for piano accordion Arranged by Al Richards, 
Blumenlied - Melodie pour Piano Gustav Lange, 
Blumenlied - Melody for Piano Gustav Lange, Edited and Fingered by Adolph Meyer, 
Blumenlied - Melody for Piano Gustav Lange, Revised and Fingered by Frank Percival, 
Bonny Mary of Argylle - The favorite Scotch Ballad newly arranged with an accompaniment for the pianoforte Edward J Loder, 
Brahms Ballads No's 1-4 - Piano Solo - Paxtons Edition No. 25073 Johannes Brahms, edited by Edric Cundell, 
Broadcast Parade - Selection of Popular Hits for Piano Accordion Arranged for Piano Accordion by Al Richards, 
Caprice in G Minor - Paxtons Edition No. 57032 H. Crackel, 
Carillon (In the style of a Toccata) - Paxtons Organ Library - Paxtons Edition No. 57338 - Op. 99 Purcell J. Mansfield, 
Casse-Noisette Suite - for Piano Solo P. Tschaikowsky, 
Cesar Franck - Favourite Pieces for Organ Cesar Franck, 
Cousin Jack and I Henri Fisher and J.F. Pettit, 
Daisys Home Album, for piano solo My Pas Waltz, Mamas Waltz, Marys Pet Waltz, Sissies Waltz, Fidos Polka, Wooden Soldiers March, Dollys Redowa, Canary Waltz, Blind Mans Buff Schottische, 
Good Old Jeff sung by The Christy Minstrels, 
Handels Organ Concertos - Set I - Op. 4 G. F. Handel, Edited by G. S. Holmes, 
Heres to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen - The Celebrated Old English Song (with chorus) - Sung in Sheridans Comedy ""The School for Scandal" Sheridan, 
Il Trovatore - Piano Selection from Verdi's Opera Verdi, Arranged by Oscar Verne, 
Ill take you home again Kathleen, the popular reply to Barney take me home again T P Westendorf, 
Impudence arranged for piano duet Alan Macey , 
In Old Seville - Valse Espagnole Ivan Tchakoff, 
Italian National Hymn - Marcia Reale - Transcription for the Piano Transcribed for Piano by Ezra Read, 
Italian Organ Music - Book 1 - Paxton Edition No. 22236 Various Composers, 
Jerusalem - Anthology of Organ Music series C. Hubert H. Parry, arranged for Organ by Douglas Hopkins, 
L'Entente (Pas de Trois) Leon du Terrail, 
Le Lac des Cygnes, a romatic ballet in four acts, arranged for piano solo, illustrated edition Tschaikowsky, Choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, arranged for Piano Solo by Granville Bantock , 
Le Tourniquet pour Piano - Op. 11 Herman Huyts, 
Les Sylphides - A Romantic reverie in one act by Michel Fokine Chopin, Arranged for piano, 
Londonderry Air - For piano, with ad. lib. violin and 'cello parts Traditional - Arranged for the pianoforte by Edric Cundell, 
Londonderry Air - Traditional Irish Air - Arranged for Violin and Pianoforte - with separate Violin Score Irish Traditional Melody Arranged by Henry Tolhurst, 
Londonderry Air - Traditional Irish Air - For Piano - Paxton's Edition No. 50674 Traditional - Arranged for the pianoforte by Edric Cundell, 
Lonely Star - Song - Key of D King Palmer, 
Maritana - Piano selection from Wallace's opera Arranged by Oscar Verne, 
Maytime and Playtime, 5 easy duets for piano; In the park, Watching the soldiers, Feeding the birds, Hide and seek, Skipping Ernest Newton , 
Meditation (Ave Maria) - The Favourite Song sung by Deanna Durbin J. S. Bach, Charles Gounod & H. F. Chorley, 
Meditation - Waltz Oscar Verne, 
Medley of overtures, musical switch arranged for piano Arranged by Geo H Farnell , 
Morning Greeting and Other Pieces - Pianoforte - Moderately Easy Grade - The Oxford Music Books Series No. 5 Various Composers, 
Nutcracker Suite (Fantasia) Tschaikowsky, arranged by Granville Bantock, 
Nutcracker Suite (Fantasia) - Simplified Edition Tschaikowsky, 
Over the waves (Sobre las olas) - arranged for piano accordion Juventino Rosas, arranged by Al Richards , 
Poet and Peasant selection, arranged for the piano accordion Suppe, arranged by Al Richards, 
Rhythmic Movement for Nursery School or Kindergarten Phyllis Crawhall Wilson, 
Saucy Sally Will Godwin, 
Saucy Sally Will Godwin arranged by Ezra Read, 
Seasonal Voluntaries - Christmas - Paxton Edition No. 22238 - Book One Various Composers, selected, edited and arranged by Orland A. Mansfield, 
Selection from 'La Traviate' for Piano Arranged by Oscar Verne, 
Sempre Semplice for Organ - Book 1 Sigfrid Karg Elert, 
Serenade - Paxtons Organ Library - Paxtons Edition No. 57335 J. Stuart Archer, 
Ship Ahoy, selection of sea songs as featured by Edna Cecil Arranged for piano accordion by Al Richards, 
Sing with Strauss - Vocal Waltzes - Book 1 Arranged from the Original Waltzes by Johann Strauss, simplified accompaniment by Granville Bantock, 
Singing games with pianoforte accompaniment and tonic sol fa Containing Oranges and lemons, Hunt the slipper, Duke of York, Cat and mouse, Jolly miller, Mulburry bush, Music chairs and many more, 
Sonata - Op. 49, No. 2. - G Major for the Pianoforte - Paxtons Edition No. 50720 Ludwig van Beethoven, Edited by F. Corder, 
Songs from the Countryside - 1st Collection Francis M. Collinson and Francis Dillon, 
Songs of Wales - Book 1 Selected and Edited by Granville Bantock, 
Sparkling Cascades Langton Williams, 
Sweet and Low Ezra Read, 
Sweet steps, the alst dance. Waltz J. Bickerstaffe, 
Teddy Bears' Frolic Theo Bonheur, 
The Arabian Nights - Four Impressions of Eastern Legends - For Piano Boris Levenson, 
The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Waltz, Op. 367 Johann Strauss , 
The Boulevard March - Paxtons Edition No. 1409 John Neat, 
The Caliph of Bagdad - Pianoforte selection Boieldieu - arranged by Oscar Verne, 
The Carnival of the Elements - Ballet Suite - Paxtons Edition No. 15,193 Howard Carr, 
The Chimes of Normandy Stanhope Gray, 
The Dance of the Hours - Ballet from the Opera ""La Gioconda" A. Ponchielli, 
The Dragon Fly - For piano solo Frederic Mullen, 
The Dream of Love - Liebestraum - The famous Nocturne Franz Liszt, 
The First Star Folio of Popular Songs - The hundred and one best songs and duets Various, 
The First-Year Mandoline Method - Specifically Devised for Mandoline Classes and Individual Tuition - Paxton Edition No. 15064 E. Read, 
The Ivy Green Charles Dickens and Henry Russell, 
The Nutcracker - Excerpts from the Ballet arranged for Piano Solo Tschaikowsky, arranged by Granville Bantock, 
The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill - Song J P Skelly, 
The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill - Song and Piano Solo with Ad. lib. violin and 'cello parts J P Skelly, 
The Sailor Knows for He's Been to Sea Will Godwin, arranged by Ezra Read, 
The Simplicity Series - Popular Pieces arranged for Piano Accordion - Book 2 Various Composers arranged by Al Richards, 
The Simplicity Series - Popular Pieces Easily Arranged for the Piano Accordion - Book 1 Various Composers arranged for Accordion by Al Richards, 
The Song That Reached My Heart - Song Julian Jordan, 
The Song That Reached My Heart - Song in the key of F major Julian Jordan, 
Theme from Moldau (Vltava - My Fatherland) Smetana, arranged by King Palmer, 
Tunes Tunes Tunes - Special Collection of Old-Time Choruses - Arranged for Piano Accordion Various Composers, selected and arranged for Accordion by Al Richards, 
Twelve Minatures - Op. 20 - For Piano - Paxtons Edition No. 50 Cesar Cui, 
Twelve pianoforte pieces by Tschaikowsky Casse-noisette, Andante cantabile, Reverie, Album leaf, Chant sans paroles op. 2, Valse, Chanson triste, Nocturne, Chant sans paroles Op. 40, Barcarolle, Danse Russe trepak and The cherub hymn, 
Un Doux Aveu - Valse for piano solo Leon du Terrail, 
Valse Mystique - for piano Leon Du Terrail, 
Vespertilia - Paxton's Edition No. 57330 - Paxtons Organ Library Series Roland Diggle, edited by J. A. Meale, 
Vienna Blood (Wiener Blut) - Waltzes Johann Strauss, 
Wedding March - Paxtons Edition No. 63,016 - Anthology of Organ Music Mendelssohn, arranged by Dr. Charles W. Pearce, 
When the Snowbirds Cross the Valley Monroe H. Rosenfeld & Alfred Solman, 
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