A selection of our Sheet Music dating from 1750

Welcome to The Sheet Music Warehouse

 As most of the stock is over 100 years old The Sheet Music Warehouse is an old fashioned shop but the music is organised and catalogued in a modern way.

The contents consist of over 110.000 original items of sheet music, easily found within this website. The stock is all original printed sheet music, we do not entertain PDF’s, CD’s or Photocopies.  Our specialisation is old fashioned printed paper.  Apart from being a vast resource of mostly rare and unusual music for sale it can be used as a reference archive. We will try our best to answer any questions arising from a search.

All items have been catalogued with great care. Classical music produced by major publishers like G. Schirmer, Inc., Breitkopf & Hartel and Augeners, apart from the Opus Numbers, usually have a unique code to identify the particular edition, often with the same title but with different arrangers… [see here for examples ] 2973108348107822 - 10432510239896270 9045325197  …..These codes, together with the name of the arranger are detailed within our listings and can be searched.

Popular songs were often published in different keys with different composers or had a piano solo version. Where this is the case our items are identified and easily found with our stock – See examples…..164591681071076 85879108399 - Similarly, many identical songs had different featured artists, each edition has a separate listing,  searchers can pull out lists as they wish – For example … see here…5272890 7685576856 - 95993.

We operate an old fashioned no quibble returns policy, if it’s not what is says on the listing you can return or exchange